University of Alaska Dorms and Apartments.

There is no cafeteria at UAF during the ACI Summer Session. Parents need to be prepared to provide meals for ACI students.

Cutler Apartments: Two-bedroom townhouse style apartments
The Cutler Student Apartments offer the off-campus feel that adults generally prefer, along with the benefits that come
with living on campus. Each apartment offers two bedrooms, a full kitchen (dishware and cookware provided), living
room and a bathroom for four (4) residents to share. Click here for reservations or call UAF conference services 907-474-6769

Dorm: Wickersham Hall (Wick) is located on lower campus next to the Wood Center and the Gruening Building.

Wick is made up of double and single rooms in suite style living. Residents can prepare their own food in one of Wick’s three
fully functional kitchens. Enjoy a residential experience that is complete with a great study environment and a lot of
opportunity for social interaction with a mature student population. Click here for reservations or call (907) 455-3909.


Wedgewood Resort: Residential-style 1 and 2 bedroom suites with full kitchens and separate living and dining areas.
Located 3 miles from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Click here for reservations or call 800-528-4916.


There is limited public transportation in Fairbanks. If staying on the University of Alaska, it is possible to walk to classes
and take public buses to nearby grocery stores. However, the majority of sightseeing and adventuring opportunities
require vehicle rentals.

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